Please contact Michelle Martin if you know of a Boxer looking for a forever home - 082 738 5926 or

Boxer rescue is a really tough job. Michelle Martin looks after this department for the club and does a really fantastic job of it. I know you would love to help out if you could but, - well, maybe you can.

There are times when we need to place a dog in a foster home. Someone to love and care for a poor dog that is possibly confused about life and humans, probably emotionally hurting and definitely longing for a loving human touch. While you may not be able to take on a rescue case permanently, you may be able to be that special person to foster them until a new owner comes along.

Fostering is also not an easy job. You will invest emotion in the dog, you will become attached to a dog you know you can't keep and you may have to put up with a difficult dog that knows no better.

In order to become a foster owner you would need to be sure that you:

1. Have the time. It is essential that there is someone at home during the day.

2. Have the patience. You may be taking on a dog that has little or no appropriate training. Even if he does, the new environment and unsettled situation can undo the best of training.

3. Have the space. Not just enough space to house the dog but a space that they can be themselves. On those occasions when you must go out you will need to have a place where he will be safe and where there is nothing in that space that you would consider more precious than the dog. You can't blame the dog if your washing or your shoes or your victoriana gets chewed !

4. Have the love needed to help a dog regain trust and confidence.

If you feel that you fit the bill and can help please